When The Boat Race Came To Ely
When The Boat Race Came To Ely

The 1944 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race was held in Ely

Archive footage of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race normally held on the river Thames was in 1944 held at Ely. The footage was left gathering dust in an attic for nearly 70 years before being rediscovered by the son of one of the Cambridge rowers.

The Boat Race was moved to the River Great Ouse because V1 rockets, doodlebugs as they were known, were raining down on London making it a dangerous place to be.

They used the long straight stretch of river at Queen Adelaide on the outskirts of the city which is ideal for rowers.

10 years ago, to mark the event’s diamond anniversary, the race was recreated. A number of the original rowers from both crews attended.

You can read more, see photos and watch the video online here ITV.com ‘When The Boat Race Came To Ely’


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