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The Historic City of Ely. Combining charm and beauty and home to one of the most magnificent cathedrals in England.

Ely’s top tourist attraction, Ely Cathedral, is easy to see from any part of the city. This is a 12th century building in a medievel setting with informative guided tours available to visit the Octagon or Lantern Towers where there are spectacular views over the city

The Stained Glass Museum located in the South Triforium of Ely Cathedral showing a stunning collection of stained glass. It is the only museum dedicated just to stained glass in the whole country. Guided tours are recommended to unveil the story of stained glass.

Oliver Cromwell’s (Lord Protector) House also contains Ely’s Information Centre. Cromwell lived in the house with his family for ten years, his only remaining home other than Hampton Court Palace, London. For an atmospheric experience, there are tours using costumed guides.

Visit Ely Museum housed in the former Gaol. Learn the story of Ely from prehistoric times to modern day. Tours are available to bring the artifacts to life.

Tourist walks along the Eel Trail, an excellent way to see historic Ely at its best. This circular walk self-guided by ‘waymarkers’ set in the ground wil take you past the oldest parts of Ely, beautiful monastic buildings, stunning architecture and spectacular views.

Ely has a host of different eateries on offer and many different gift shops, craft shops, antique shops, art galleries or markets (Thursdays & Saturdays).

Choose from either traditional tearooms with beautiful architecture and stunning gardens or one of the more contemporary coffee rooms.


A visit to Ely will never dissapoint.

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