Location: Paradise Centre, Ely
Every Tuesday From 7pm Till 9pm
And Every Thursday From 7pm Till 9pm
Ely Runners Meet Every Tuesday & Thursday

Ely Runners Meet Every Tuesday & Thursday

Ely Runners meet for training every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 pm on the upstairs bar room of the Paradise Centre, Ely where there is the club notice board in the foyer, and access to changing rooms, showers, gym and a bar.

Evening training runs are varied and enjoyable.

Tuesday training consists of hill training (even in the Fens!), speed work, repetitions and intervals.

Thursday training is usually a longer steady run (with shorter options for beginners) around the City or into the surrounding countryside, depending on daylight.

For members not racing on Sundays, training runs of various distances are often arranged for 9am from the Paradise Centre.

Runners of any ability or standard are always welcome to join the club.

For membership enquiries email :- membership@elyrunners.co.uk  or just turn up at the Paradise Centre at 7 pm on a training evening.