The Ely Southern Bypass Proposal
Animation of Ely Southern Bypass proposal Published on Feb 26, 2013 Visualisation of the proposed Ely bypass with road bridge with walkway attached from the River Great Ouse. Get a feel for the finished result by taking the visualisation tour below. Visualisation of the walkway attached to the proposed Ely bypass, showing the decking and the viewing
New Archaeology Group For Ely
A New Archaeology Group starts up in Ely. Ely Museum's Vernon Cross Meeting Room. Visit for more
New Over 60’s Group In Ely
A New Over 60s Group has been formed in Ely. The NorthElyOver60s will meet at The Larkfield Centre. If you would like to join Tel. 07542 121 908 for
Cycle Ban Lifted On Ely’s Riverside
Cycle Ban Lifted On Ely's Riverside JORDAN DAY Writes Signs banning cyclists from using their bikes in Ely’s scenic Riverside are to be removed as part of a major plan to enhance the area. Discussions about improving the popular area have been ongoing for some time and an Ely Riverside Improvement Plan has now been approved. As part of the plan, which has been drawn up by East Cambridgeshire District Council and various local organisations, the following improvements will be
2014 Folk Festival Tickets Held At 2013 Prices!
2014 Folk Festival Tickets Held At 2013 Prices! Ely Folk Festival prides itself on being one of the best value weekend music festivals in the country. We're therefore pleased to announce that festival ticket prices for our 2014 festival will be held at 2013
Bike & Go Hire Scheme Comes To Ely
Bike & Go Hire Scheme Comes To Ely. A scheme which encourages rail users to leave their bicycles at home - and to hire one from the train station instead - is being launched in Ely. Read more at the Ely
Coca Cola Truck Coming To Ely This Christmas
Coca Cola Truck Coming To Ely This Christmas Coca Cola have announced that its Christmas truck will be coming to Ely as part of its annual festive tour around the UK. Read more at the Ely
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